Disease Outbreak In Tijuana Shelter Forcing Some Migrants To Leave Border

Photo: Getty Images

Tijuana's Health Department announced on Thursday that the Central American migrant caravan's arrival in the city has now caused an outbreak in skin infections, chickenpox, and tuberculosis within the migrant community of about 6,000. Some are even 'self-deporting' because the conditions have become so bad.

After traveling as far as 4,500 miles to Tijuana, Mexico, some migrants have also become infected by lice and respiratory infections during their stay in the Benito Juarez sports complex. As of Thursday, the Tijuana Health Department had confirmed four cases of HIV/AIDS, three cases of tuberculosis, and four cases of chickenpox.

Health workers in the area say that it's a matter of "when, not if" a serious disease outbreak will occur in the shelters.

Mexican officials announced that just this week, around 200 migrants had already volunteered to leave Tijuana and take flights back.

See the photos and read the full report on the Daily Mail.

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