Scientists Aim for Stricter Gun Laws for People With Dementia

In a recent article by the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, scientists found that adults aged 65 and above, are the demographic most likely to own firearms. 

That age group is also the most susceptible to dementia, and scientists would like to see stricter gun laws for those ailing from a decline in memory. 

Almost 30 percent of individuals over 65 own a gun, and nearly 40 percent reside in a place where there is a firearm nearby. 

A study was conducted with 495 people, 89 patients were under a roof with a gun. 

An alarming 70 percent of those 89 people had dementia. 

Study author Dr. Katherine Galluzzi admits asking this of people isn't easy;

"People’s identities are formed in large part by the ways and degree to which they can feel self-sufficient. That doesn’t end with the onset of dementia...However, as physicians and family members, we need to be able to do the hard thing in the interest of public safety.”

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