Thousand Oaks Killer Had Lots More Ammo, Authorities Say

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif -- The man who killed 11 people and himself at the Borderline Bar and Grill used only a fraction of his full arsenal, officials said Tuesday.

Ian David Long fired more than 50 rounds during the attack on Nov. 7, but investigators say Long had another five high-capacity, 30-round magazines that were fully loaded.

"As to the motive of the suspect, we are no closer to determining that today than we were at the onset of the incident," says Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub.

Officials say Long, 28, purchased the handgun legally in Simi Valley in 2016. It's still unclear where he got the high-capacity magazines, which are illegal in California.

Federal, state and local authorities have interviewed more than 400 people in the weeks since the mass shooting.

Investigators say eight off-duty officers were at the bar Nov. 7, but none fired a shot.

Long also possessed a flashlight with a laser sight attached to his gun. Investigators say he threw multiple smoke grenades to create confusion inside the club, and stabbed at least one victim with a folding knife.

"All of the victims died rapidly," says Ventura County Chief Medical Examiner Christopher Young. "There was no chance of survival."

Law enforcement officers had very little contact with Long prior to the shooting. The only notable instance was when neighbors called about a disturbance at Long's family home in Newbury Park in April.

Sheriff's officials say Long had punched holes in the walls of the house as part of a financial dispute with his mother.

Deputies determined that he did not meet the criteria for a mental health detainer. A mental health crisis team who also evaluated Long, gave him resources for job placement and anger management.

Officials say Long never displayed a gun or threatened anyone during the incident. That was the last and only call for service at the home.

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