Report: Rise in Driving Inhibiting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

A recent state report released Monday related California's failure to reduce vehicle travel to it's failure to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. 

Carbon emissions per capita from vehicle travel in California are increasing according to the report by the state's climate change regulator, California Air Resources Board.

“California — at the state, regional and local levels — has not yet gone far enough in making the systemic and structural changes to how we build and invest in communities that are needed to meet state climate goals,” the report said.

Climate change regulators warn the state's goal to cut emissions by 2030 won't be met unless there is a major turnaround in the transportation sector.  

“California will not achieve the necessary greenhouse gas emissions reductions to meet mandates for 2030 and beyond without significant changes to how communities and transportation systems are planned, funded and built,” the report said.

A bill that would have allowed construction of apartment complexes and other higher-density housing units near transportation stations was rejected this year by state lawmakers, which would have put people within walking distance to public transit and save a car ride.

Photo: Getty Images 

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