Woman Locked Up After Cops Mistake Cotton Candy for Meth

While it should come as no surprise that cotton candy isn't good for you, one woman in Georgia has learned just how bad it can be. 

Dasha Fincher says she spent four months in jail after police mistook a bag of the sugary treat for crystal meth. 

She's now (rightfully, if you ask us) suing for wrongful arrest. 

The alleged mix up occurred on New Year's Eve in 2016 when Monroe County sheriff's deputies performed a traffic stop on Fincher because her vehicle's window tint appeared to be too dark.

The police report reveals a field test on the cotton candy indicated it was meth. 

She served nearly four months behind bars before the results of a more thorough test came back, showing "no controlled substances confirmed in the sample." 

In a Huffington Post write up of the story, it's shown the major emotional trauma Fincher faced while incarcerated:

An emotional Fincher told WMAZ last Friday that she wanted “Monroe County to pay” for what they did to her, adding that she missed major life events while behind bars.

“My daughter had had a miscarriage, so I wasn’t here for that. My twin grandsons were born, I missed that,” she said.

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