CEO Donates Over 20 Million Dollars To His Employees As A Surprise

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The CEO of Bayada Home Health Care, has spontaneously surprised his employees with $20 million in holiday gifts.

His goal was provide his employees with a gesture of pure gratitude. 

Mark Baiada, the chairman, is a very wealthy man with a reported $1.4 billion fortune due to his private-nursing company in Philadelphia and wanted to gift his staff with something over the top.

So during his holiday luncheon at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia, he expressed: 

“I’m taking $20 million, dividing it up and giving it to everybody, I wanted to show some gratitude to everybody for all the hard work you’ve done taking care of our clients.”

The money will be distributed between 32,000 employees and will be paid depending on their years of service. 

However, even retirees of the company after 2010 will receive a portion of this generous donation.

“These are everyday people who work hard in a low-margin service business — I’m honored to work with them, I don’t go to patients’ homes much, but my employees are there every day.”

Since owning the company in 1975, Baiada additionally has turned his business into a nonprofit, which will officially open in January. 

Baiada's purpose in this was motivated by his desire to help others. 

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