Unsure What To Cook? Here's A List Of The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes!

Are you hosting out-of-town family for the Thanksgiving holiday? Or maybe you're in charge of bringing a side dish to a friends house? Either way, you want to make sure that you're serving something that the guests will actually enjoy!

(No one wants to show up with a fruitcake that still looks untouched by the end of the night...)

Good news for you, Google recently teamed up with Business Insider to put together a list of the most-searched Thanksgiving side dishes this year! They've even listed them by state, so if you've got picky-eaters coming into town from Arkansas... we've got you covered.

Here's a list of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes by state:

  1. Alabama: Squash casserole
  2. Alaska: Green beans
  3. Arizona: Pumpkin roll
  4. Arkansas: Sweet potato pie
  5. California: Stuffing
  6. Colorado: Pecan pie
  7. Connecticut: Sausage stuffing
  8. Delaware: Butternut squash
  9. Florida: Corn souffle
  10. Georgia: Squash casserole
  11. Hawaii: Sweet potato
  12. Idaho: Sourdough bread
  13. Illinois: Sweet potato casserole
  14. Indiana: Roasted sweet potatoes
  15. Iowa: Corn casserole
  16. Kansas: Yams
  17. Kentucky: Broccoli casserole
  18. Louisiana: Yams
  19. Maine: Mashed squash
  20. Maryland: Collard greens
  21. Massachusetts: Butternut squash
  22. Michigan: Roasted Brussels sprouts
  23. Minnesota: Thanksgiving sweet potatoes
  24. Mississippi: Cornbread dressing
  25. Missouri: Thanksgiving rolls
  26. Montana: Cranberry sauce
  27. Nebraska: Sweet potatoes
  28. Nevada: Pecan pie
  29. New Hampshire: Homemade stuffing
  30. New Jersey: Butternut squash soup
  31. New Mexico: Pecan pie
  32. New York: Acorn squash
  33. North Carolina: Corn pudding
  34. North Dakota: Sweet potatoes
  35. Ohio: 7-layer salad
  36. Oklahoma: Cornbread dressing
  37. Oregon: Ambrosia salad
  38. Pennsylvania: Candied sweet potatoes
  39. Rhode Island: Stuffing
  40. South Carolina: Cornbread dressing
  41. South Dakota: Ambrosia salad
  42. Tennessee: Mac and cheese
  43. Texas: Broccoli rice casserole
  44. Utah: Yams
  45. Vermont: Butternut squash
  46. Virginia: Corn pudding
  47. Washington: Green beans
  48. West Virginia: Broccoli salad
  49. Wisconsin: Garlic mashed potatoes
  50. Wyoming: Sweet potatoes

Read the full report on Business Insider.

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