This City In Oklahoma Will Literally Pay You To Move There...

Seems like Oklahoma is pretty self-aware about its lack of popularity in the United States... So much so, that Tulsa, Oklahoma has announced a new special program that will pay $10,000 to people who will commit to moving to the city for a year.

The city created the program, called Tulsa Remote, that will offer $10,000 in grants to applicants who move to Tulsa and work remotely. But there's more than just thousands of dollars to make, the program also promises a fully-furnished apartment for discounted rent, and free utilities for three months.

Oh, and there's... more?! The program also claims they will provide additional benefits like a co-working space, complimentary food, and monthly meetups with entrepreneurs in Tulsa.

The city of Tulsa said that they hope this encourages newcomers in Oklahoma to remain in the state for long term, by starting new businesses, non-profits, and more.

To be eligible, applicants must be 18 or older, have proof of employment, and work for a business that's based out of Tulsa.

Learn more about the unique opportunity on CNBC.

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