Campaign Created to Draft Mayor Eric Garcetti for 2020 Presidential Run

A political ally of Los Angles Mayor Eric Garcetti sent an email out to 150 potential supporters and donors on Monday, announcing a new campaign to convince Garcetti to enter the 2020 presidential race. 

Nathalie Rayes, who now works for the Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas, told Rolling Stone that her “ready for Garcetti” effort is independent from Garcetti himself. “I hope he runs,” she says. “I think that the country is ready for him, and he’s ready for it.” 

You have to listen to the song (above) she attached in the email...maybe make it your new ringtone...

Read Rayes’ full email:

Dear Friends,

In 715 days we will have a chance to end the Trump nightmare and restore civility, honor and strength back to the US. But we must first identify as Democrats who that change agent will be. One person that has been identified as a “strong Latino candidate” is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Recently a small group of friends and supporters including myself have been working on drafting Eric Garcetti to run for President in 2020. To get things started we have been working on a project to begin introducing Eric to the rest of the country. Similar to Barack Obama in 2007 Eric has all the credentials and has demonstrated that he has the bandwidth to lead. But like Barack back then Eric Garcetti isn’t a household name. That’s where this project comes into play.

We have partnered with local musicians in Chicago to write, produce and direct an urban Latino beat song entitled “Eric Garcetti, Are you ready?” It’s a compelling song that we believe can provide a soft intro to Eric Garcetti across the country.

This is where we need your help. You are an influencer and we are asking you to leverage your platform so we can begin laying the foundation for a potential Eric Garcetti run for the Presidency. Whether it’s sharing it on social media, connecting with local media outlets in your markets or sharing it with friends and family we are hoping an organic surge of this song will begin getting people asking, WHO IS ERIC GARCETTI?

Below is the link to the song and video as well as related hashtags. Please help us get this song into as many homes, cars and ear pieces as possible. There is a lot at stake in this election and we are convinced that Eric Garcetti is the candidate we need to pivot our country back to its rightful standing as the greatest country on earth!





Un abrazo,

Nathalie Rayes

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