Reward to Find Who Shot and Killed a Dolphin Near Manhattan Beach

A group has asked for the public’s help finding who shot a dolphin to death near Manhattan Beach.

“It’s definitely an act of brutal, senseless aggression,” said Marine Animal Rescue President Peter Wallerstein. “Dolphins don’t bother anybody.”

The dolphin was reported on November 8th near the surf just off the shore of Manhattan Beach. Wallerstein and a lifeguard pulled it out.

“The lifeguard went in the water and I went in the water and we pulled the dolphin out where I noticed a small in its side, could be a bullet wound.”

A doctor at the Marine Care Center did a radiograph to confirm the animal had been shot.

“We’re pursuing it as much as we can, we put up a reward fund for the dolphin,” he said.

The group posted pictures on Facebook.

“There’s no excuse for this kind of brutality against these beautiful animals,” said the Facebook post.

A lot of people found our Facebook page and they’re horrified about the situation so they’re donating money to put into the reward program.

The reward is now up to $5,000 for information leading to a conviction.

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