Cat Accidentally Floods House Causing Millions of Dollars In Damage

"Malcolm in the Middle" star, Frankie Muniz, is having a horrible week and his sweet cat plays a big part of the blame.  

The famous actor flew to Phoenix for his uncle's funeral and left his cat at home.

During this time away, Muniz's cat got a hold of his sinks faucet and accidentally turned it on causing his house to be completely flooded when he came home. 

Four of the five story floors were completely destroyed creating over millions of dollars of damage. 

Due to these events, Muniz and his girlfriend were forced to go to a hotel. But unfortunately, in the middle of the night he was forced to evacuate from his hotel as well.

Things just weren't going his way.

Frankie Muniz was obviously devastated and took to Twitter to show his frustrations. 

Despite a hard week, Frankie Muniz has turned it around and eventually proposed to his girlfriend, Paige Price. 

Looks like through grief and struggle, Muniz found peace in his girl and decided to make it marriage official. 

For more information on Frankie's cat innocent mistake, check out USA Today. 

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