Migrant Caravan Arrives In Tijuana, Causing Public Clashes At The Border

2,000 migrants from the Central American caravan arrived in Tijuana in the middle of the night Thursday, with another 1,200 expected to show up on Friday. According to officials, the Mexican border opened up a gym and a gated complex to hold the migrants, because there was no room for them in any of the shelters.

Public clashes have been occurring in Tijuana ever since the migrants arrived, and at least three journalists have been injured due to the violent crowds. But the migrants could be waiting for months before their claims for asylum are even processed. Federal inspectors at the San Diego crossing point said that they receive about 100 claims, every day.

“This is not a crisis,” Francisco Rueda, top deputy to Baja California state Gov. Francisco Vega de la Madrid said. “This is an extraordinary situation.”

Immigration authorities said they believe the number of migrants in Tijuana could potentially rise up to 10,000 by January.

According to President Trump, "we're going to be prepared. Nobody's coming in."

Read the full story on the Los Angeles Times.

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