Malibu Residents Seek Answers During Town Hall Meeting

Residents of Malibu that were evacuated from their homes after the Woolsey Fire quickly spread, were in search of some important answers Tuesday night. 

The mass of displaced community members gathered for a town hall meeting at the Santa Monica High School auditorium to get more information about the devastating and deadly blaze.

Fire officials told the crowd it is still too dangerous to allow all Malibu residents to return. Authorities said they are working to get all residents home quickly but are not sure when the exact date of return will be. 

Some people at the meeting were upset and felt like their questions went unanswered. "I'm very frustrated, they didn't say anything, they said a lot of words, but there was no facts," Scott Osberg told ABC7. "I wanted to find out when do I get to go home."

Much of the city is still without water and power, and dangerous hot spots are still a concern as the city promises it will do all it can to speed up the rebuilding process. 

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