'I Do Things Differently' Says Man Who's Banned From Disney World For LIFE

Dion Cini is a well-known Trump supporter who is often seen around cities flashing his Trump 2020 banners and signs. His latest stunt was last week at Walt Disney World in Florida, where he is now banned from, again...

Cini was captured holding a Trump 2020 banner during his most recent ride on Splash Mountain. He said that when the picture was seen by Disney employees, he was immediately escorted from the park and told he was banned for life.

“I did not break the rules,” Cini said in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “I was on a ride. I was not inciting a crowd. There was no crowd.”

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said that Cini is now banned from all Disney World locations, including the theme parks and resorts.

When asked if this 'life ban' from Disney parks would stop his antics, Cini said that he refuses to break the law, but he does plan on making his Trump banners even bigger.

“I do things differently,” Cini added. “I do things that will go viral to support the president. I’m trying to let other Trump supporters know that you don’t have to go to rallies. You can do this on your own.”

A Disney spokesperson later released a statement regarding the park's policies, saying that the real issue was that the banner he used was "for commercial purposes":

“Walt Disney World welcomes all Guests to enjoy our parks; however, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises,” the statement read. “We have previously reminded this guest about our rules.”

Read the full report on Fox 35.

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