Looters Arrested In Paradise Disguised As US Forest Service Workers

Two men were arrested in Paradise, California last weekend after attempting to pose as US Forest Service workers. The two, dressed in yellow worker jackets, were found in the fire zone near the Sierra Nevada mountains raiding the evacuated homes.

The looters wore disguises in order to gain access into the blocked-off area, and that's when police said they found and arrested them. According to CBS San Francisco, it's not yet clear what the two had been stealing.

After the Camp fire destroyed the town of Paradise, police said they have had at least 53 reports of looters in the area, and that those arrested will be prosecuted "to the fullest extent of the law."

As of Monday morning, Butte County has reported more than 6,700 destroyed structures, and at least 29 deaths. Authorities say it's the state's most 'destructive' fire, and it's currently tied for the state's deadliest.

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