Celebs Upset Malibu Wine Safari Reportedly Abandoned Animals During Fires

Celebrities aren't too happy about the treatment some animals are reportedly receiving from their home, Malibu Wine Safari

Over the weekend, comedian, Whitney Cummings, was very vocal about her opposition to the popular wine ranch. People were furious when Cummings posted a photo which showed how close the fire had come to Stanley the Giraffe's enclosure. The popular animal, Stanley, has made a name for himself in Hollywood after appearing in the popular film, "The Hangover 3."  In multiple lengthy Instagram post, Cummings blasted the business for sending conflicting information and refusing to evacuate their animals. 

"They had a lot of excuses and i was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. They didn’t evacuate their animals and still won’t. I wanted to be understanding and gracious, but once you treat your animals like this (when you have plenty of money) we simply aren’t on the same page. The pastures were still burning in areas when I got there, an injured pig was found by us that nobody was looking for, and the owners of boarded horses were told they were evacuated which is a lie. So now we have a problem." 

The comedian has been open about doing a "jailbreak" on the ranch to check for herself on whether the animals were safe or not. She also took to social media to ask for bails of hay to be donated as she showed footage of the damage done to the surrounding area. 

Although Malibu WIne Safari has stated on their Facebook that many of their animals were moved to a safe location, Cummings did not believe true. She says that the area where the animals were moved to was in fact to smoky to be considered safe. 

Lisa Lange, a senior veep with PETA has also entered the conversation and is insisting that authorities investigate the reports stating there are animals unaccounted and to please check their condition. 

"It is unconscionable for any facility that keeps animals under lock and key not to have an emergency plan that allows for their immediate evacuation when one is called for."

A representative from Malibu Wine has reportedly spoken with TMZ and has personally checked on the animals and has followed all protocol. 

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