Urgent Plea to Adopt/Foster From The LA Animal Services

Can you adopt or foster an animal to help the LA Animal Services?

Due to the tragic events occurring with the Woosley Fire, LA Animal Services and other shelters, are asking for your help to make space for incoming evacuated animals.

Animals are arriving at shelters due to the fires burning in the Ventura and LA County, but making room to take these animals is the issue for the centers, as there are already numerous animals in-house.

 If you're able to foster or adopt an animal, NOW is the time to do it. 

"If you can adopt or foster, please go to the closest LA City Animal Service Center to help create life-saving space during the high winds and fire," reads the message.

"We are taking taking in evacuated LA county animals at our East Valley, West Valley, and West Los Angeles shelters."

Visit the LA Animal Services site to find the locations and hours of the shelters listed, or the shelter nearest you.

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