Facebook Video Shows Ontario Movie Theatre Literally Crawling With Bugs...

A man in Ontario went to an AMC Theatre on Sunday night to see the new film, "Bohemian Rhapsody". But what he didn't know, was that he was about to accidentally find himself in the middle of a real-life horror film.

"We're sitting in the movie theater. I dropped my keys on the floor. I didn't want to ruin the movie for anybody, so I said, you know what, I'll just get it after the movie," Corey Virgilio said at the AMC Theatre in the Ontario Mills Mall.

Later, Virgilio said he took out his cellphone and used it as a light to look under the seats for his keys.

"As I look with my cellphone light to try to find my keys, I zoom in and I see something moving," he said. "As I zoom in closer and closer, I find easily seen with my eye, at least 15, 20 bugs."

Virgilio had found TONS of tiny bugs crawling all over the carpets of the theatre floor. He said he immediately told the manager about the bugs, but believed something more should be done. So he posted the video on Facebook.

"They need to rip out the carpet. Are these bugs coming from underneath the carpet? Is this something that's inside the seats? I mean I don't know where these bugs are coming from. I have no idea," Virgilio said.

After a request for comment from ABC 7, AMC Theatre released this statement:

"A third-party pest-control expert was at the theatre this morning in response to the guest claim and video. The pest-control expert identified the insects as gnats and treated the affected area."

While the theatre claims the bugs were gnats, experts with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health said they believe the insects in the video were actually carpet beetles.

Check out all of the details on ABC7.

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