AMC Theatres Coming To Light With Hygiene Problems

Imagine this scenario....

It's Friday night, you're on a date with a special someone, and enjoying the new Marvel movie. Next thing you know there's a MOUSE, crawling up your seats. 

It's a terrifying thought right?

Well sadly, movie-goer, Brittany Jimenez, at the AMC theaters located in Fullerton experienced a mouse coming through her seat cushions.

Jimenez was able to record the moment and posted it to Instagram. She was compelled to send the video to ABC 7 because.....

This week ABC reported a story about ANOTHER cleanliness problem at a AMC theater in Ontario when movie-goer Corey Virgilio found around 15-20 insects in the carpet of the movie theater. 

"They need to rip out the carpet. Are these bugs coming from underneath the carpet? Is this something that's inside the seats? I mean I don't know where these bugs are coming from. I have no idea," he said. 

Both these AMC locations are dine-in theaters meaning guests can order food and drinks to their seats. 


Honestly.. a place that serves food, ignore the fact that it's a movie theater, has been reported with guests finding mice and bugs.

That's just pure disgusting... 

They better fix this problem ASAP!!!!!

AMC Theatres released the following statement to Eyewitness News about the incident at Ontario:

"A third-party pest-control expert was at the theatre this morning in response to the guest claim and video. The pest-control expert identified the insects as gnats and treated the affected area."

So to be on the safe side, next time you're at the movies double check your seats and surroundings. 

For more information on these stories, please visit ABC. 

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