Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Take Over DACA Cases

The Trump administration is seeking an immediate resolution to its effort to end the DACA program by asking the Supreme Court to take over three cases "concerning pending lawsuits that seek to preserve DACA," in an alleged attempt to bypass the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Obama-era DACA program protects eligible immigrant youth who came to the U.S. when they were children from deportation. 

The Trump administration announced last year it planned to phase out the program, but federal courts have recently stated the program should be restarted

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the following in a statement Monday:

"The last administration started DACA without a mandate or even an authorization from Congress or the courts; this administration can therefore end DACA at any time.....That is what we have done, and it was the lawful thing to do. Immigration law in this country—and the status of DACA recipients in particular—ultimately must be settled by our representatives in Congress. The Department of Justice should not have been forced to make this filing today—the Ninth Circuit should have acted expeditiously, just as the Supreme Court expected them to do—but we will not hesitate to defend the Constitutional system of checks and balances vigorously and resolutely."

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Photo: Getty Images

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