#TastyTuesday: National Nachos Day Meets Election Day

Mmmmmm nachos...

Finally they get the day they deserve.

Today is National Nachos Day, so we take a second to look into what makes the beautiful dish so special.

Nachos made their first appearance Piedras Negras, Mexico when Ignacio Anaya had to make a late snack for some hotel customers.  It was late at night, so he just grabbed what he had available, putting cheese and peppers on top of some fried tortillas.

Slap a name like Nacho's Especiales on them, and you get nachos!

By the late 1970s, the beautiful dish had crossed the border and was being served at Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys games.

The first American restaurant to dish out the dish was El Cholo in San Antonio.

And, if you were wondering if there were size restrictions on nachos, there aren't.  The largest plate of nachos ever made tipped the scales at 4,700 pounds!

(Typical Americans.  Take a nice, simple meal and turn it into a monstrosity.  I love it!)

Read the full story at CBS Detroit

Have you voted yet!

Well, if you haven't, do it like @ForkReporter!  With a snack in your hand, of course!

There are places all over the Los Angeles area that are giving out great deals and great snacks for Election Day.

All you have to do is show off your "I Voted" sticker!

Get 20% off your order at CREAM and Yoga-Urt, 15% off your bill at Gellateria Uli, or 10% off at Michael's Santa Monica and Alfred Coffee.

Not enough?

The Hermosillo will give you any item at half-price and The Greyhound Bar & Grill is dishing out their wings at half-price.

Honestly, that just the beginning.  There's way too many places for me to list them all.

To check out all of the deals, including a bunch of freebies, go to LAist

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