Newsom Committed to Building on Jerry Brown's "Extraordinary Legacy"

During his final campaign stop Monday night in San Francisco, Gavin Newsom confessed his love for Gov. Jerry Brown and promised to build on Brown's "extraordinary legacy."

Newsom, who was introduced by Brown and Sen. Kamala Harris at The Chapel, told his 200 supporters in the building that he would emulate the governor’s fiscal responsibility if elected Tuesday.

“This is my commitment to you: To build on Gov. Brown’s extraordinary legacy,” Newsom said. “To build on the extraordinary work that he has done with our Legislature. To take risks without being reckless. Not to advance profligate ways but to continue to invest in our future and invest in our rainy day reserve. Governor Brown, trust me, that will be a priority.”

Brown responded by giving Newsom his full support saying, “Gavin is about vision. Boldness. Getting stuff done. That’s why you need a visionary, energetic young governor.”

Harris also chimed in saying she was "so proud" to support her "long-standing friend Gavin Newsom."

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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