Caravan From Central America Arrives in Mexico City

Government officials have opened up a soccer stadium in the city to allow migrants a place to rest and get medical care. It’s also a chance for the caravan to regroup and decide next steps. The first few hundred arrived at the stadium yesterday. Organizers and others on the ground with the caravan say thousands of migrants are still in the State of Puebla and others have fallen behind in the State of Chiapas.

A nationwide survey from a pollster group Consulta Mitofsky in Mexico shows 7 out of 10 Mexican citizens have heard about the caravan, 51% of those surveyed support the effort, whereas a third of Mexicans would rather their government pressure those in the caravan to return to their home countries. Most of those in support of the caravan are women who come from low income, rural parts of Mexico – they also support offering work visas to the members of the caravan. Those who oppose say they fear for the security of their country. You can read the report here (In Spanish).

Local media in Mexico City are reporting that the government will provide 6 million pesos ($300,000) of humanitarian relief for the migrants. A joint statement yesterday from Government officials at the stadium guaranteed safe harbor for members of the caravan and they are preparing supplies for up to 5,000 people. The officials also said the government will provide legal counseling for the migrants so they can decide whether or not to continue to the United States, and if so, what they can expect at the border.

Late last week large groups of migrants were in the state of Veracruz where the Governor there promised buses to take the caravan to Mexico the last minute he backed out saying because of Mexico City’s drastic water shortage he didn’t think it would be appropriate.

A priest told reporters by phone over the weekend that after the buses were canceled he was trying to organize transport but feared he and others would be charged with human trafficking

Members of the caravan will be arriving all week in Mexico City and once they regroup it’s not clear which U-S Port of Entry they have their sights set on….a look at Google maps shows the distance between the stadium in Mexico City and the San Ysidro port of entry in California is 1,780 miles and on foot at a steady pace could take about 24 days.

Those on the ground with the Caravan say the migrants have been told about President Trump’s plan to deploy thousands of Guard Troops along the border. The migrants say they believe God will guide them through.

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