15-Year-Old In Florida Faces Charges After Killing His Mother Over Grades

The Volusia County Sheriff's Department has officially confirmed that a teenager in Florida is to blame for strangling and killing his mother on Saturday.

Authorities claim that the 15-year-old boy strangled his mother, Gail Cleavenger, after the two had an argument over a bad grade he recently got in school. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told news outlets this weekend that the teen buried her body under a church fire pit after killing her.

"To watch how cold and callous and calculating he was, I think was probably the most shocking thing for all of us," Chitwood said. "No sign of remorse whatsoever."

Chitwood told the public that the 15-year-old now faces murder charges.

Two of his 17-year-old friends are also facing multiple charges, after helping the son make it look like there was a home burglary. The boy had originally told police officers that his mother was missing.

A GoFundMe page has been created to support the family of Gail Cleavenger. Read the full report on CBS News.

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