Man Eats Slug On A Dare, Becomes Paralyzed, and Dies

At the young age of nineteen years old, Sam Ballard, a prospective rugby player took a dare from Jimmy Galvin and a few of his other teammates and ate a live slug. 

"We were sitting over here, having a bit of red wine appreciation night, trying to act as grown-ups," Galvin recalled in a video interview this year with Lisa Wilkinson of "The Sunday Project. 

"And then the conversation came up, 'Should I eat it?' " recalled Galvin. "And then off Sam went and bang, that's how it happened."

Shortly after eating the slug, Ballard felt very ill and complained of severe leg pain. His mother, Katie Ballard believed her son had acquired the multiple sclerosis, which had also affected Sam's dad. 

However, after visiting with the doctors Ballard was informed that he had acquired rat lungworm disease from the infected slug. 

Soon after, Sam was sadly diagnosed with rat lungworm disease, he fell into a coma for over 400 days. When he finally awoke, he was permanently paralyzed and required twenty-four hour care. 

After an eight year battle, Ballard has sadly passed away. 

For more information on this story, visit CNN.

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