MTA Buses Experiencing Major Mechanical Issues

Several MTA buses have caught fire in the past three years and have had dozens of mechanical problems, spurring a CBS2 investigation. 

The issues are common in one particular make and model that is still being driven on the road today. 

CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein first started asking questions when his team found a graveyard of broken-down and burnt-out buses stored in a yard in the South Bay.

The buses were towed away to a secret location shortly after. 

A CBS reporter asked an MTA bus driver how safe the buses are and the driver responded, "not safe at all." 

“Yes, buses do catch on fire. Buses have caught on fire with passengers inside of them, and bus drivers have had to take passengers off the bus – like help the passengers get off the bus because those buses fill really, really quickly with smoke," the driver continued. 

The buses are part of Metro’s older diesel fleet and are 18 years old with Fifty-two buses still on the road.

MTA has confirmed to CBS2 that seven of those buses have caught fire since 2015, as well as an array of other problems that plague the buses and have the drivers worried for their own and the passengers' safety. 

One big problem another driver told CBS2, the brakes sometimes don't stop the coach. 

“Sometimes you have to press so hard on the brake that you’re almost standing on top of the brake,” said the bus driver.

MTA claims these are the last of the old buses that are left in their fleet and hope all 52 buses will be replaced by next summer.

Read the full report at CBS2.

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