WATCH: Classical Pianist Performs For Old, Injured Elephants In Thailand

Paul Barton is a talented, classical pianist in Thailand. But his audience isn't the usual crowd of humans standing around a piano. Instead, he performs in a field full of elephants.

Barton plays classical piano at Elephants World in Thailand, a sanctuary for old and wounded elephants. His audience is usually a few giant elephants roaming about in the open fields of the sanctuary.

Barton said the idea to play for the elephants stemmed from when he and his wife first discovered Elephants World.

"We liked the sound of the place being a retirement center for old, injured and handicapped former logging and trekking elephants," Barton said. "So we paid them a visit. I wondered if these old rescue elephants might like to listen to some slow classical music."

And they did.

So much so, that Barton frequently posts vlogs on his YouTube channel about the experiences he has playing for the magnificent animals. Barton said in a video that the very first time he played his piano at the sanctuary, a blind elephant 'stopped in his tracks' when he heard Beethoven.

"[He] was often in pain, and I like to think maybe the soothing the music gave him some comfort in the darkness," Barton said.

Barton said he performs in order to help comfort the injured and old animals, and he truly believes that the classical music helps them feel more comfortable in their situations.

Read the full, beautiful story on CBS News.

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