Woman In North Carolina Fired From Job After Drunk, Racist Rant Goes Viral

A woman in North Carolina was filmed earlier in the month during her 'drunk, racist rant' toward a black neighbor, and she has now been fired from her job.

Susan Westwood, the woman shown in the video, had approached sisters Leisa and Mary Garris one night in their neighborhood and kept insisting that she was "white and hot". According to news reports, Westwood also asked the sisters if they were visiting their "baby daddy," and even asked if she needed to bring out her concealed weapon. The sisters were actually just waiting for AAA.

Westwood also went on a rant about her $125,000 salary job during the incident. Charter Communications spokesman Patrick Paterno announced on Sunday that she had officially been fired from that job.

She has been issued criminal summons of threats and simple assault.

Read the full story on KTLA.

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