Suspect Arrested In Southern Florida With Connection To Mailed Pipe-Bombs

56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was arrested on Friday morning outside of an AutoZone in southern Florida. He is the suspect accused of mailing multiple pipe-bombs to well known critics of President Donald Trump.

FBI agents followed DNA evidence on the packages and explosives this week, which led them to Sayoc and his white van, covered in pro-Donald Trump stickers. Sayoc had sent pipe-bombs to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, CNN offices, and more earlier this week.

President Trump addressed the arrest in a speech on Friday:

“Congratulations to all law enforcement. We have the best in the world and they just showed it,” he said.

Sayoc's twitter account shows frequent posts with pro-Trump attacks on Democrats, and memes associated with right wing agendas. Sayoc was also said to be a well known figure at local Trump rallies.

According to court records in Broward County, Sayoc already had a criminal history of grand theft, battery, and charges of making bomb threats. When he was arrested on Friday morning, he was brought into custody at the bureau's South Florida field office in Miramar. FBI officials said they plan on questioning him at length.

The latest packages found were discovered in Florida on Friday morning, with addresses to Senator Cory Booker and James Clapper.

Read the full report on the Miami Herald.

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