Hawaiian Entertainer Willie K. Puts Unique Spin On Star-Spangled Banner

Willie K., a Hawaiian entertainer with many awards, played a beautiful rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" at the University of Hawaii and Nevada football game this past weekend.

But attendees at Aloha Stadium didn't get the usual version of the famous song that they were expecting. Instead, Willie K. surprised the audience with unique take on the patriotic song.

When told that the players would stay in the locker room during the national anthem, Willie K. decided that this was his time to show some respect for the local police officers in Hawaii.

"We just don't have that here," Willie K. said of the racial and police issues currently in America.

“That’s why I changed it a little bit because they wanna see some change, and I took it from some piece of song that I wrote called ‘Mountain of Gold,’ originally written for the soldiers for the Armed Forces of the U.S.,” Willie K. said.

So far, the video has had more 2 million hits online.

Check out the full story on Hawaii News Now.

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