Debate In Burbank Ends Early After Pro-Trump Crowd Silences Democratic Reps

Two local critics of President Trump faced very angry residents in Burbank on Wednesday night.

Congressman Adam Schiff and Congressman Brad Sherman (both democrats), had scheduled a candidates debate between the California Democrats and Republicans, but due to the constant shouting from the audience, the debate had to end early.

Interruptions from the pro-Trump crowd repeatedly silenced Schiff and Sherman, forcing the League of Women Voters of Glendale/Burbank to eventually call an end to the debate. But according to recent polls, Schiff is still expected to win the election.

Some members of the pro-Trump audience said the incident clearly shows how California residents feel about their Democratic representatives.

According to the Daily News, Schiff spoke to the debate moderator after the debate was canceled, saying "it's a sad commentary on the times."

Check out the full story on Fox News.

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