Ross From Friends Caught Shoplifting In... Blackpool, England?!

On Tuesday, British police released a picture of a robbery suspect with hopes that the public could assist in identifying the man stealing from a local restaurant. But police in Blackpool, England got a bit more help than they had expected, and it just so turned out that the suspect was very recognizable...

Ever seen the hit TV show, 'Friends'?

The internet went wild with jokes about how 'Friends' star David Schwimmer was caught on camera shoplifting at a restaurant in England. So much so, that the famous actor himself even felt the need to provide an alibi to police!

So he tweeted a video directly to Blackpool Police, explaining that the suspect they were looking for was NOT him:

Blackpool Police later added a comment to their original post, thanking the public for their quick problem-solving skills.

At the end of the day, turns out police weren't actually able to identify the robbery suspect as actor David Schwimmer. However, they're still encouraging people with genuine information and clues to the crime to contact them immediately.

Read the full story on BBC News.

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