WATCH: Woman Explains Monster Energy Drink's Secret Alliance With Satan

Remember Christine Weick?

She's the Christian activist that once gained world-wide attention online because of her passionate beliefs that Monster Energy drinks have an alliance with Satan... (Yes, she's serious.) And her video presentation is once again making its rounds on social media, just in time for Halloween!

Her interesting presentation filmed at a book fair back in 2014 explains her "truth" about Monster Energy's logo. Weick claims that the logo is associated with Hebrew letters and spells out 666, a well-known trademark of the devil.

“Bottoms up, and the devil laughs. Something to think about," Weick says. "This is how clever Satan is, and how he gets into the Christian’s home and a Christian’s life, and it breaks God’s heart.”

Mike Sitrick, a spokesperson for Monster Energy, told the Washington Post that Weick's devil theory is just plain "delusional".

“Over the years many other reputable companies and brands — including Starbucks coffee, Disney entertainment, and Texaco oil — have been victimized by similar versions of convoluted ‘devil theories,’ which have always been shown to be absurd,” he said. “This fabricated ‘devil theory’ is delusional, fanatical or simply trying to besmirch the good name and reputation of a successful company and brand.”

For those interested in reading a spooky story for Halloween, Weick has a self-published book titled “Explain This! A Verse-By-Verse Explanation of the Book of Revelation”, from 2010. The book warns others that Christians must not assume the Rapture will save them, as well as even more details into her devil theory on Monster Energy drinks.

Read the full report on The Washington Post.

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