One Very Lucky Kitty

One tiny kitten is very lucky to be alive today all because of an Oregon man who noticed something amiss on a busy road. 

Chuck Hawley is from Silverton, Oregon.

Recently, he was driving to work when he noticed something in the road that other cars were just driving over.  At first he thought it was a piece of a box, but as he got closer, he realized that it was a tiny kitten...standing upright and seemingly STUCK and terrified out of its wits. 

He told CBS San Francisco he was shocked that no one else had previously stopped to see what it was and said it was simply a miracle that the little guy wasn't run over and killed.

Well, Chuck did stop and held up traffic at 7am in the morning.

When he got over to the little guy and tried to pick him up, he realized what was really wrong, that some dirtbag deliberately GLUED the kitten to the road.  He slowly got the little guy unstuck, but not before other motorists kept honking at him to get out of the way.

Chuck said: 

“People were honking and all pissy… really? It’s a kitten glued to the road!”

He took the little guy to the vet and according to them, the kitten was only five weeks old.  After an exam, they realized that the kitten didn't only have glue on its paws, but also all over his neck and tail, so whoever did it had every intention of the kitten dying a horrible death on that road.

Thankfully, Chuck found him before it was too late. 

In a Facebook post Chuck wrote that:

"After a goo gone bath and some food and cream we have a new kitten. Luckiest kitten in the world!"

He was so moved by the little guy's plight that  he and his wife decided to adopt the little guy into their family.  

His new name... 'Sticky' of course! 

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