Happy 70th Birthday In n Out!

As a born and raised Southern Californian girl, I've been lucky to be exposed to a wide variety of foods.

But damn, there is really nothing like an In n Out burger.

I've had expensive burgers from fancier restaurants and some very cheap ones from some cool hole in the wall diners....

But there's a BIG difference between craving a hamburger vs. craving In n Out.

And while I can sit here and continue spouting my love affair for a Double Double, let's get down to why I'm talking about it in the first place!

Today (Oct. 22) is the chain's 70th birthday!

With 334 restaurants in only six states, the chain has amassed thousands of fans all over the country and with it, a very rich history.

The OC Register compiled 70 facts about the chain and its owners to celebrate the milestone birthday, all of which you can read HERE.

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