Cristina Garcia Suddenly Cancels Talk At Claremont McKenna College

The talk at Claremont McKenna College with Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia has officially been canceled.

In an announcement on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Assemblywoman said that Garcia's health emergency was her reason for canceling her scheduled appearance. However, what the Assemblywoman doesn't want you to know, is that she is involved in an investigation that was reopened last month...

Garcia was accused earlier this year of drunkenly assaulting a former legislative staffer at a softball game back in 2014. Before the accusations, Garcia claimed to be an ally of the #MeToo movement.

The scheduled talk at Claremont McKenna College was originally titled "Educate, Empower, and Engage," the same slogan Garcia has on her website. Garcia is currently running for a fourth-term election representing the 58th Assembly District.

Her appearance was originally part of a 'free speakers series' presented by the Claremont McKenna College. The CMC says it "aims to ignite thoughtful conversations about politics and more during it's fall program."

Read the full report on the Daily Bulletin.

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