Burger King Creates a Burger That Will Actually Give You Nightmares

Burger King is getting into the full Halloween spirit by introducing a new limited edition burger to their line up.

The "Nightmare King" will have a green bun with grilled beef, crispy chicken, bacon, American cheese and mayonnaise.

And no, the cholesterol rise you'll have from this thing isn't the scary part, it's actually the claim made behind it.

Burger King says the sandwich will give the eater (?) nightmares! 

They released a study testing the theory with 100 people over ten nights.

The results?

The subjects had a 3.5 time increase in having nightmares!

How does this happen?

Study lead doctor, Dr. Jose Medina says it's a combination of the proteins in the beef and chicken and the cheese that leads to vivid dreams.

If you want to taste test the Nightmare Burger, it'll be made available at select locations from October 22nd until stock lasts.

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