Video: Naked Man Puts on Show as He Swims with Sharks


A Toronto man decided to go for a dip...naked.....with sharks.

And of course because it's 2018, we have the video to show you!

This happened last Friday at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Security footage shows the man buying a ticket and heading into the exhibit...totally normal, right?

Then things got weird when he began to strip...things got weirder when he actually hopped in the sand shark tank.

Cell phone video shows him swimming around as onlookers gathered around.

At one point he climbed out of the tank in front of a security person waving him out, faced him, then did a backward dive into the water.

Eventually he did make his way out of the tank, headed towards the crowd where a woman handed him clothes and he left.

Police say that there were no injuries to the man or the animals, but not to be a downer Debbie to this story...we do have to mention a connection the police made earlier.

Through some help from the public, police were able to identify the nude swimmer as 37-year-old David Weaver....who is also believed to be the suspect in connection to a pretty brutal assault that happened hours before.

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