Stop the Bridge Home Build in Venice!

The old Metro Transit Authority (MTA) bus yard on Main Street in Venice is in talks of becoming the newest site of a "bridge home" that will temporary house the homeless in the area. 

The 3.15-acre lot takes up an entire block between Pacific Avenue and Main Street south of Sunset Avenue. 

Some residents of Venice are upset and say the lot is surrounded by residents with it being a block from elementary schools and two blocks from the beach. 

Back in June, Venice City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee approved a motion submitted by Council member Mike Bonin that instructs the City Administrative Office and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to work with the MTA to evaluate the lot. It has a potential opening date of early 2019. 

Join the fight to stop the build of the shelter by attending the press conference on Wednesday Oct. 17th at the Westchester Elementary School auditorium. 

Mark Ryavec with the Venice Stakeholders Association told us why the bridge home is a terrible idea and more about the meeting being held tomorrow. 

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