Amazon Driver Caught Urinating On Front Porch After Delivering Package

Surveillance video from the front door of a home in Anaheim caught footage of something no homeowner ever wants to see... A man urinating on the front porch.

It was actually an Amazon delivery driver that was caught in the act. The man had just placed a small package at the front door, when he looked around him before deciding to pee in a corner. It all happened around 1 p.m. on Monday afternoon, in the 300 block of North Via Remo.

The surveillance video shows the entire incident. From the driver pulling up to the home in a white van, to him placing the package down and peeing near the front door, to the moment he leaves the house and drives away in the van.

According to social media, this may not be the first time an Amazon delivery driver has relieved himself on his route...

When asked for comment on this particular urination, Amazon just said they are "looking into the incident."

Check out the full story on ABC 7.

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