The 'Fastest Drive-Thru Restaurant' In America Has Been Crowned...

If you're anything like us, you go to a fast food restaurant (the drive-thru option of course), because you want your food FAST, and you want it NOW!!!!! Just kidding. Kind of.

But we also know that not all fast food drive-thru restaurants are necessarily 'fast'... And trust us, if we could have the speedy service from the guy in the video above every single time, we would never be late to work again!

But for now, thanks to a recent study from Quick Service Restaurant magazine, we have a list of the top 'Fastest Drive-Thru Restaurants' in America.

According to the study, the 'fastest fast food' in America comes from Burger King! QSR's study concluded that on average, Burger King's drive-thru completes an order in three minutes and 13 seconds. Ding-Dong! (Here's hoping QSR never does a research study on how fast the food is eaten after it's left the drive-thru...)

Coming in second was Dunkin' Donuts, or should we say "Dunkin'". They were only a few second behind Burger King, averaging a wait-time of about three minutes and 20 seconds. A close third went to KFC with a three minute, 38 second average order wait time.

Check out the full list of America's '10 Fastest Drive-Thru Restaurants' on QSR magazine. And you can also read the full 2018 QSR Drive-Thru Study here.

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