What It Will Cost You If Proposition 6 Isn't Approved In November...

Midterm voting is about a month away, and the Proposition 6 gas tax repeal is on the California ballot. But don't let the language of the ballot confuse you, voting YES on Prop 6 will not only repeal the fuel tax, but also lift the burden of vehicle and registration fees put on by the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown approved this gas tax increase in 2017. This tax includes hidden costs, extra fees on vehicle registrations, and more. Here's how much the added fees will cost you if Prop 6 isn't approved in November:

A 12-cent-per-gallon increase already happened at the gas pumps last November as the gas tax took effect. In July, that tax rate increased again, to about 17 cents, which was more than Gov. Brown and his administration originally estimated. And starting in 2020, the gas tax is expected to grow even more with inflation.

If Prop 6 passes, California drivers will pay between 12.5 and 17.6 cents less per gallon.

Voting YES on Proposition 6 will not only protect drivers from the gas tax increase, but also from the increase in registration fees. Lawmakers added a fee for vehicle registration based on the value of each car. An average household with two drivers will see $50 -$100 increase in registration fees each year if the tax increase is not repealed.

California lawmakers promised to take the extra funds from the tax increase and repair California roads. According to TRIP, a national transportation research group, the poor quality of California roads and highways costs drivers about $843 every year.

Vote YES on Prop 6 this November to avoid the gas tax increase and all of the added fees associated with it.

Read the full report on The Sacramento Bee.

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