Watch As Weatherman Jim Cantore Is Nearly Impaled by Flying Debris On TV

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is probably best known for running toward major storms even as everyone else is running away. As Hurricane Michael gained strength over the Gulf of Mexico, the intrepid meteorologist headed down to Panama City to cover the story. However, as terrifying video shows, Cantore nearly became a part of the story himself after he narrowly avoided being impaled by some flying debris.

The Weather Channel meteorologist had just stepped outside into the Category 4 hurricane as it made landfall in Panama City, Florida during a live segment, in an attempt to demonstrate the strength of the massive storm. 

"It's relentless," Cantore can be heard shouting over the wind. The meteorologist trails off as he looks up, and then quickly moves off-camera as what looks like a 2-by-4 piece of lumber flies right through the spot where he had been standing only a few moments before. 

Video of Cantore dodging the lumber debris like Neo in the Matrix quickly went viral. Thankfully, Cantore was all right and moved to take shelter from the storm. 

At least two people died Wednesday as Hurricane Michael barrelled through the Southeastern U.S.The National Hurricane Center downgraded Michael to a Tropical Storm on Thursday, as it moves through Georgia and into storm-weary South Carolina. 

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