Mom Finds Mice in Kids' Snowboots, Lets Them Keep Them as Pets

A North Dakota mom proved she has more chill than the North Pole after a wild discovery in a pair of winter boots at K-Mart.

Shasta Rierderer took her two sons to the store for some new snow boots and when one of her boys tried a pair on, they found SEVEN mice and the mother rolling around inside.

“He goes, ‘Mom, look,’ Shasta Riederer said. “I thought it was Vienna sausages rolling around the floor until they started moving, but then we heard them squeaking.”

The boys, Talon and Deakon, were overjoyed at finding the mice and asked their mom if they could keep them.

Shasta says she was "super grossed out" but agreed with the boys that they were cute.

Obviously the store didn't want them (and shouldn't have had them in the first place, BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION)  so the family took them home.

They also took the snow boots home too, in case you were wondering.

The K-Mart told the local news station they went through all the other boxes and found no other signs of mice, but are bringing in pest control just to be sure. 

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