California's Gas Tax And Mystery Gas-Surcharge Is Making Drivers Pay

What is up with California's gas prices?

Why does the state have prices that are much higher than any other state in the country? Many would say it's due to the fact that the gas-tax increase passed in Sacramento in 2017.

It could also be because selling and refining gas in California costs more than it does in other states. And don't forget that the state's cap-and-trade program added 12 cents a gallon this year for greenhouse gases, and the California "low carbon fuel standard" also added 8 cents per gallon. California drivers even have to pay 2 cents extra to support the clean-up of old gas stations that had fuel leaks.

Add all of the extra taxes up, and California drivers pay about 48 cents-a-gallon more than the average American driver. There even seems to be a 22 cents-per-gallon mystery surcharge on the gas prices in California recently. State officials said all of these extra taxes go to public services and road repairs... But we've all seen the roads in California.

At the end of the day, there's a gas-surcharge mystery going on in California, on top of all of the state's gas tax increases.

Read the full report on the California gas-surcharge mystery on the Los Angeles Times.

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