Armed Man Arrested In Connection To Malibu Creek State Park Burglaries

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and search team announced on Wednesday that they believe they have found the person suspected of committing burglaries in Malibu Creek State Park, for the past two years.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell said the search team spotted the man on a security camera, carrying a rifle and attempting to breaking into a building in the state park on September 30. They followed his boot prints up a trail and into the wilderness area where they finally cornered the suspect, 42-year-old Anothony Rauda. 

The search team was able to convince him to drop his rifle and surrender without any reported injuries. Rauda was then booked into the Lost Hills-Malibu station on parole violation.

McDonnell commented on Rauda's criminal history at the Hall of Justice on Wednesday.

Rauda's criminal history included numerous burglaries and violations in the state park area.

But McDonnell said detectives still do not know how long he had been hiding in the park, or where he lived during his 2-year string of burglaries. The most recent break-in was reported at the Agoura Hill-Calabasas community center.

While it's still unclear exactly how many violations and crimes Rauda is connected to, the Sheriff's Department said that the local community should "remain vigilant" while they investigate more. 

“The community still should call us if they see something out of the ordinary,” Lt. Ed Hernandez said.

Read more about the string of Malibu Creek State Park burglaries at the Los Angeles Daily News.

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