"A Scary Time" Song About #MeToo Has Gone Viral

A song mocking the president and his statement about how times are rough for dudes  has gone viral!

The song "A Scary Time" was written by Texas State University dance lecturer Lynzy Lab and talks about a lot of the everyday things women go through, but somehow it's still “a very scary time for young men.”

Some of the lyrics:

“I can’t walk to my car late at night while on the phone. 

I can’t open up my windows when I’m home alone. 

I can’t go to a bar without a chaperone. 

And I can’t wear a miniskirt if it’s the only one I own.”

And while she never mentions her two inspirations by name (Trump and Kavanaugh) Lab holds no punches as she continues to strum on her ukelele.

“I can’t jog around the city with headphones on my ears.

I can’t speak out against my rapist after 35 years. 

I can’t be taken seriously if I’m holding back tears.

And I can’t ever speak earnestly about all my fears."

Her video has been seen more than 900,000 times, her original tweet has been liked almost 300,000 times and has caught the eye and praise of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Mark Ruffalo.

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