Newport Beach Realtor Makes Music Video to Advertise $45 Million Home

Realty is a strong business here in Southern California, with homes ranging anywhere from a few hundred thousand to several millions.

With tons of people flocking to the Golden State you'd think a beautiful home, say in Newport Beach, would sell itself...but one realtor decided to take a very Hollywood route to market his latest property.

Tim Smith and his partners at Coldwell Banker created a music video complete with a catchy song talking about all the home's features, social media influencers and the 14,000 square foot home as the backdrop of it all.

"To have three lots in this location and a house like this, new construction is so unique to the market and there's a huge demand for it...

Everything we do marketing wise is to stop people in their tracks. Everything we do, we want to create a viral response."

The video has more than 45,000 views and Smith says he has about five serious buyers looking to schedule a tour of the home and property.

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