Singer Taylor Swift Causes Spike in Voter Registration After Political Post

Who knew that an Instagram post from Taylor Swift would turn the world of politics on its head?


But, it's nice to have numbers to back us up:

Director of communications for, Kamari Guthrie says the singer's influence has caused a massive spike in voter registration in Swift's home state of Tennessee.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News:

The organization has gotten 5,183 in the state so far this month — at least 2,144 of which were in the last 36 hours, she said, up from 2,811 new Tennessee voter registrations for the entire month of September and just 951 in August.

This spike is second only to the number of people who visited the site to register on National Voter Registration Day back on September 25.  

Guthrie says then the site had 304,942 unique visitors, with the average daily users for the site being 14,078 in 2018.

After Swift? had 155,940 unique visitors in the last 24 hours since Swift's post went live.

Now, yes we know registering is one thing, actually getting to the polls is another.

So we'll look back in November and see if this really turned a tide, but until then we'll just take our HAHA TOLD YA SO and wait. 

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