Porto's Bakery Launches New "Bake at Home" Service Today!

Great news, Porto's Bakery fans!

Starting today, October 9, Porto's Bakery and Cafe will launch their brand new "Bake at Home" service. This service will allow customers to ship those delicious pastries NATIONWIDE!

Currently available for delivery are their meat pies, Refugio guava and cheese pastries, cheese rolls, guava strudel boxes, and even their dulce de leche besitos boxes. I'm drooling... Are you?

The bakery will deliver all of the treats to your home frozen and ready to bake.

"Because they are frozen upon delivery, you can either bake them right out of the box or you can place the pastries in the freezer for another time," Luis Lluis, Porto's director of e-commerce said. "The baking process is pretty simple. It's very similar to the chocolate chip cookies you get from the market. The only additional step we request is two pans, you stack one pan upon another to protect the pastries from burning on the bottom."

But that's not all! Porto's is even working on a version of their famous potato ball to later add to their list of Bake at Home items. Sign us up!!!!

"It's really simple," Jennifer Wells, Porto's corporate marketing manager said. "It's really just putting it on the pan and letting it go, and then all of a sudden you have a Porto's in your own kitchen."

Read all of the delicious details on The Orange County Register.

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